What Are Qualities to Look For In Online Reputation Management Services

What Are Qualities to Look For In Online Reputation Management Services

June 6, 2016
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There are many online reputation management (ORM) companies out there that offer similar services. Choosing one that best fits your needs is an important step in ensuring the future of your reputation. You may hear people say that they are not really concerned with what’s being said about them online. If you think what is out there on the internet can’t affect you or your business, think again. The reality is often that your online reputation can prevent you from getting a job or your business from making sales.


First and foremost, figure out what your needs and goals are for an ORM company. What types of services are geared more towards you? Are you a recent college graduate who needs a service provider who specializes in social media clean up? Are you a storefront business who has to deal with giant review websites? Figure out what exactly you are looking for and research the proper ORM company that best suits you.


Be wary of a reputation management company who does not know how to handle their own reputation. Do your due diligence in researching the ORM company you are going to entrust your brand to. Be comfortable with their quality of customer service. Search and research these ORM companies…because that is exactly what you are asking them to do for your brand.


Most of all, find out if the online reputation management service you are wanting deals in white hat or black hat tactics. White hat tactics deal in acceptable techniques that adhere to Google’s best practices. These are completely transparent and take much longer time to yield long-term results. An ORM firm that deals in white hat tactics are highly desirable for whatever service you wish them to provide for you. On the other hand, black hat tactics deal in more risky and aggressive techniques. While they may offer quick fixes, search engines often ban you if they catch any black hat tactical techniques.


Black hat tactics include: practices that create fake accounts on review websites in order to fix bad reviews (astroturfing), packing as many keywords into a website’s metadata to increase search engine rankings (keyword stuffing), creating as many links as possible to positive content in order to skew search engine results (link spamming), or using spam bots to alter content. An ORM firm that uses black hat methods are not safe for you or your brand.


Be it yourself or your company, whatever brand is worth investing in is worth protecting. Internet reputation repair companies provide services to help secure your reputation in this digital age. These companies may help you reach your goal. Search and research!


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