Which Online Reputation Management Services Are Right For You?

Which Online Reputation Management Services Are Right For You?

June 2, 2016
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Many online reputation management (ORM) companies offer a wide range of services. When it comes down to it, however, online reputation repair services break down to three basic functions: analyze a brand’s online presence, build upon that online presence, and protect and/or restore that online presence.


A popular ORM service is search engine optimization and management. This is the process of making your positive online content rank higher in search engines, such as Google, which essentially is a way to fix negative search results. In doing this, ORM firms allow Internet users to find relevant information pertaining to you or your brand. This ORM service also provides a way to protect your brand from negative information by pushing the negative content further behind in search results. This way Internet users searching for you or your business are not immediately bombarded with negative content.


Another internet reputation repair service that ties in with search engine optimization is content development and management. To be able to rank high on Google search results, your online presence must have good-quality content. For many, this means ensuring your blog or website is well organized and has unique well-written content. Many ORM companies will help build upon the content you already have while also assisting in developing new material.


Through these two ORM services, your brand proves to users the content you develop is authentic, positive, and relevant information worth reading.


Social media management is an ORM service that many are familiar with. Modern day social media websites are double-edged swords: they provide platforms for you or your business to grow but also may provide a platform for inappropriate content to flourish. Most ORM firms will help you clean up your social media while offering future monitoring of how your social media affects your online public reputation.


Despite all your best efforts to secure and protect your online image, there is nothing stopping an individual from grabbing a keyboard and typing out negative content that will adversely affect your brand. A key ORM service is third party website monitoring, ORM companies are able to monitor websites such as Yelp or Glassdoor to see what kind of content is being said about you or your brand. In doing this, you are able to gain insight into what the public is saying about you or your business. Should there be negative content affecting your image, ORM firms are able to utilize other services previously discussed in order to fix bad reviews.


Online reputation management companies offer these services and more in order to help you or your brand hold a successful reputation.


Unsure about which internet reputation repair services are right for you? Contact the reputation management consultants at The Search Fixers.

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