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Internet reputation repair to fix bad reviews

August 3, 2016
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When you have negative information regarding your business on the internet, it can be a hassle to fix bad reviews. It can hurt your business drastically and steer away potential customers. Of course, this is always a risk when you are running a business. The internet today is full of websites where people can leave comments about you or the service they received, even if it isn’t on a website that you own. We already went through how it might be possible to fix bad search results; remember it’s impossible for a reputation management service to entirely remove it from the whole internet. Now we are going to go through how you could possibly have the content removed or buried down so far no one could find it if the previous results failed.


Just like with every other single thing in this world, there are laws that exist to protect people online. These laws encompass everything from online content, to protecting certain groups from defamation. There are also policies that search engines like Google have that can help someone in a position where they are trying to get content removed without the help of reputation management consultants.


First we’ll cover policies like Google’s, before getting into the complex legal system.  If there is ANY information on any of the websites you are having trouble with that contains personal information, Google’s internet reputation repair can remove it. To protect people’s privacy, they have policies in place that make sure no one can share any personal information or financial information on websites referring to someone else. If this is the case with any of your pages, chances are you could contact Google and get them to remove it. Remember though, even if it is removed from Google, it will still be on the internet and the link will still exist, but it will at least be off of the first page of the most popular search platform.


Even if you get your page, or information, removed from a search engine, it’s important to remember that the website has most likely already been saved somewhere off the grid on a machine that will allow people to still find it, and there are always instances of it being cached on computers. If you are unfamiliar with the term cached, that means someone who has looked at it before, can return to it again even after it has been removed.


If you have tried all of these resources and still gotten nowhere, the next step could be to involve legal practices. It’s worth mentioning that this method may actually draw MORE unwanted attention to what you are trying to get rid of and you might want to let it go and try to think of more creative ideas to improve your reputation. If you do choose to go this route, you can research laws that have to do with online defamation or slander, or other laws that pertain to certain segments of the population and go from there. This method would probably cost a lot of time and money though, so choose your online reputation management methods carefully.


Are bad reviews costing you business? Contact the reputation management consultants at The Search Fixers.

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Need to fix bad search results? Here’s where to start…

July 26, 2016
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Search engines are great for finding information on almost anything in the world. They can be a good tool when you have a research project, or just simply want to find out more about something. However, just with them being perfect for these things, they can also be your worst enemy. If you have done something you aren’t proud of or if you own a business that has had problems in the past, a search engine can be your worst enemy if you’re trying to find a job or run a successful business.

It’s a double edged sword. As the saying goes: “Once on the internet, always on the internet”. That may not be what anyone in a negative position wants to hear, but it’s the down side of having the luxury of search engines. Luckily, just because some negative information may be holding you back on the internet, it is not the end of the world. There are some online reputation management steps you can take to remove the smudges of your business or, at the very least, bury them deeper in the internet and search engines so they are much harder to find.

We’ll start first with removal of content from the internet. Now, as I mentioned before, once something is on the internet it stays there in one way, shape, or form, literally forever. However, you can do everything possible to get it removed from one search engine or another and at least make it harder to find for prospective clients.

Obviously, if you own the website it will be easiest for you to remove the content. A personal business website can be taken down and re-created under a different URL, for example. Websites that fall under the social media category can also be removed by the owner, thus removing all the negative content that may be connected to it. Something to think about with social media is that it can be difficult to remove your account. Sources like Facebook are notorious for having people do such things like take down every single picture ever posted, then the albums, and only then can they remove the website.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s also a good idea to think about if you really want to fix bad reviews. It’s possible to keep these websites up and try to solicit better reviews from friends, family, and customers. You could also add more content on how you have improved your business since whatever negative content has been added to your webpage, or turn it around into a positive thing, being open and honest with your customers while providing great service. You can work on internet reputation repair all you want, but without IRL action your efforts are done in vain.

If you do not own the website, there are still options for you to have the content removed or buried. The simplest, and probably the only way to do this is to seek online reputation repair services. The right reputation management service will help you decide the best course of action so you can fix bad search results and resume business as usual.


Do you need help fixing a bad online reputation? Contact the reputation management consultants at The Search Fixers.

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Looking for a job? Why you may need to fix bad search results.

June 15, 2016
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Given the Internet’s ever-increasing role in our society, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your virtual identity is becoming just as important as your physical one. Employers have begun to screen prospective applicants by looking at how they portray themselves in a digital environment.

A great resume may be enough to land you an interview at your next prestigious job, but as soon as that interview has ended your hopes will likely rest in the hands of a search engine like Google. It’s at this point that you’d have to wonder what exactly your potential new employer will find. The Internet is a pretty big place, and there are plenty of opportunities for your name to appear in comment sections, blog posts, or various social media channels.

It’s precisely for this reason that online reputation management firms have become increasingly popular. They specialize in helping people to scrub the most negative parts of their digital identity from the Internet in order to ensure that employers get a much more positive view of them. While online reputation management firms have a wide array of services that they offer their clients, there are still a few simple steps that anyone can take on their own to improve their online standing.

First, it’s important to get a view of a what exactly a recruiter or employer might find when they search your name on the Internet. In order to do that, simply type your name in the search engine of your choice. If the results lead to your professional profile on a business-minded social media channel, then you’re in good shape. Otherwise, it’s time to fix a bad online reputation by filtering out what online users can see whenever they type your name.

Most social media channels have specific settings that users can toy around with to better protect their privacy, but even this comes at a cost. If employers are unable to find any information about you on the Internet, then it can send a signal to them that you’re either being overly cautious about your history or you’re simply not very well-versed in using the Internet. Either way, you’ll want to at least set up some kind of professional profile that employers can easily access to get a better idea of who you are via the Internet.

Of course, none of these internet reputation repair tips mean much if you’re not consistent with them. After setting up your various social media profiles to better accommodate businesses, you’ll want to continue to search your name every once in a while to keep track of how you’re being perceived online. If you find that searching for yourself doesn’t yield anything specific to your digital presence, then the issue may lie with your name.

While your name may be enough to identify you in the real world among a comparatively small group of people that you interact with on a daily basis, there are simply too many on the Internet for your name to be enough of an identifier. It’s for this reason that many people find themselves dealing with cases of mistaken identity on the Internet. In order to help combat this, you’ll want to consider expanding your digital brand and including unique descriptors directly into your name. If you have a specific degree or title, then you’ll want to begin including that on all of your professional profiles and resumes. Of course, not everyone has a title like this, so the simpler method is to simply start using a middle initial in all of your professional profiles. With this method, you’ll ensure that employers can easily find you on search engines and more directly control what they’ll find.

Through these various processes, you can ensure that your online reputation is properly protected. By controlling what employers find when they search your name, you’ll manage to stay one step ahead of them and dramatically increase your chances of being hired. Online reputation management services may sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember to always protect your privacy and think twice before posting inappropriately to the Internet.


Have you made some mistakes that tarnish your online reputation? Contact the reputation management consultants at The Search Fixers.

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What Are Qualities to Look For In Online Reputation Management Services

June 6, 2016
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There are many online reputation management (ORM) companies out there that offer similar services. Choosing one that best fits your needs is an important step in ensuring the future of your reputation. You may hear people say that they are not really concerned with what’s being said about them online. If you think what is out there on the internet can’t affect you or your business, think again. The reality is often that your online reputation can prevent you from getting a job or your business from making sales.


First and foremost, figure out what your needs and goals are for an ORM company. What types of services are geared more towards you? Are you a recent college graduate who needs a service provider who specializes in social media clean up? Are you a storefront business who has to deal with giant review websites? Figure out what exactly you are looking for and research the proper ORM company that best suits you.


Be wary of a reputation management company who does not know how to handle their own reputation. Do your due diligence in researching the ORM company you are going to entrust your brand to. Be comfortable with their quality of customer service. Search and research these ORM companies…because that is exactly what you are asking them to do for your brand.


Most of all, find out if the online reputation management service you are wanting deals in white hat or black hat tactics. White hat tactics deal in acceptable techniques that adhere to Google’s best practices. These are completely transparent and take much longer time to yield long-term results. An ORM firm that deals in white hat tactics are highly desirable for whatever service you wish them to provide for you. On the other hand, black hat tactics deal in more risky and aggressive techniques. While they may offer quick fixes, search engines often ban you if they catch any black hat tactical techniques.


Black hat tactics include: practices that create fake accounts on review websites in order to fix bad reviews (astroturfing), packing as many keywords into a website’s metadata to increase search engine rankings (keyword stuffing), creating as many links as possible to positive content in order to skew search engine results (link spamming), or using spam bots to alter content. An ORM firm that uses black hat methods are not safe for you or your brand.


Be it yourself or your company, whatever brand is worth investing in is worth protecting. Internet reputation repair companies provide services to help secure your reputation in this digital age. These companies may help you reach your goal. Search and research!


Need to fix bad reviews? Contact one of the best online reputation repair services available– The Search Fixers.

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Which Online Reputation Management Services Are Right For You?

June 2, 2016
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Many online reputation management (ORM) companies offer a wide range of services. When it comes down to it, however, online reputation repair services break down to three basic functions: analyze a brand’s online presence, build upon that online presence, and protect and/or restore that online presence.


A popular ORM service is search engine optimization and management. This is the process of making your positive online content rank higher in search engines, such as Google, which essentially is a way to fix negative search results. In doing this, ORM firms allow Internet users to find relevant information pertaining to you or your brand. This ORM service also provides a way to protect your brand from negative information by pushing the negative content further behind in search results. This way Internet users searching for you or your business are not immediately bombarded with negative content.


Another internet reputation repair service that ties in with search engine optimization is content development and management. To be able to rank high on Google search results, your online presence must have good-quality content. For many, this means ensuring your blog or website is well organized and has unique well-written content. Many ORM companies will help build upon the content you already have while also assisting in developing new material.


Through these two ORM services, your brand proves to users the content you develop is authentic, positive, and relevant information worth reading.


Social media management is an ORM service that many are familiar with. Modern day social media websites are double-edged swords: they provide platforms for you or your business to grow but also may provide a platform for inappropriate content to flourish. Most ORM firms will help you clean up your social media while offering future monitoring of how your social media affects your online public reputation.


Despite all your best efforts to secure and protect your online image, there is nothing stopping an individual from grabbing a keyboard and typing out negative content that will adversely affect your brand. A key ORM service is third party website monitoring, ORM companies are able to monitor websites such as Yelp or Glassdoor to see what kind of content is being said about you or your brand. In doing this, you are able to gain insight into what the public is saying about you or your business. Should there be negative content affecting your image, ORM firms are able to utilize other services previously discussed in order to fix bad reviews.


Online reputation management companies offer these services and more in order to help you or your brand hold a successful reputation.


Unsure about which internet reputation repair services are right for you? Contact the reputation management consultants at The Search Fixers.

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Why Do People Need Online Reputation Management Services?

May 31, 2016
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We’ve all experienced it. A red notification on our phone pops up, an alert buzzes on our lap, a ring echoes through our ears signaling an update. Boom. One of our so-called friends thought it a great idea to comment on an embarrassing-borderline-illegal-definitely-unethical picture of us thus bumping the picture to the top of every other newsfeed. Now everyone can relive just how rambunctious you used to be. It’s a good thing the job interviewer you met with could never see this picture…right?


Every advancement of technology comes with it unforeseen consequences. With the ever-connected digital world we live in, we are faced with the tricky task of managing privacy. Our online presence, be it on social media or any other form of digital media, is accessible to literally anyone. Just as we tend to not trust restaurants with a negative Yelp rating, important opportunities such as job offers may be denied because of a person’s negative online presence. However, there are online reputation management services that can help prevent, fix, or even stop such internet reputation repair nightmares from happening.


“When someone wants to learn about anyone and anything, they turn to the Internet,” said Patrick Ambron, CEO of reputation management company


“Reputation management services can help both businesses and individuals build and maintain a positive online presence, so when they are looked up online, people find positive and relevant info about them,” Ambron added.


Taking the time to consult with reputation management consultants may be the difference between ensuring a company maintains its trusted brand atmosphere or a company becoming the latest hashtag boycott Twitter trend. The Internet is a place where everyone can say anything regardless of its factual basis. Similarly, on an individual level, the digital world tends to never let us forget about the skeletons we try to hide. If it’s online, it’ll come back to haunt you. This is where online reputation management comes in. Protect your image. Secure your privacy. Clean up your digital space.


With the growing culture of interconnectivity, the urge to share as many aspects of our lives as possible is rampant. As individuals, we collect the likes and recognition quickly only to forget about the content we post just as quick. We forget that the online status updates or photo posted is accessible to literally anyone. Websites like LinkedIn or major search engine tools like Google make it increasingly easier for employers to find out exactly what they need to know about potential employees. Proper online reputation management allows potential employees to fix bad search results and be protected from losing a job offer because of a possibly negative online presence.


Need to fix bad reviews? Contact one of the best online reputation repair services available– The Search Fixers.


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Reputation Station: Why You May Need Help With Internet Reputation Repair

May 12, 2016
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If you’re looking to take control of your online reputation, read on. Once you’ve looked at Google rankings, looked at personal SEO, and figured out what your foundational presence should look like online, you’ll be ready to start remedying bad search results for the rest of your online life. And it can be done.

It’s true—even good people have bad search results sometimes. Online reputation repair can involve pushing down negative Google search results, removing personal photos, and managing business and enterprise reviews.

As you know, first impressions are everything, and you need to know what sort of impression you’re making on people. So, many online reputation management companies work with individuals and also corporations to get rid of what’s bad out there. Because people could be losing money, and companies too, it only makes sense to have someone look at your Google search results, and other websites, and make sure to fix any negative reviews or insinuations that come up.

If you have a pristine reputation, but it’s been sullied by an ex, a former employee, or a former client, then you can do a few things to make sure this gets hidden from the public.


1. Get the bad result taken down.

There are a few ways this wouldn’t happen, though, like the owner refusing, or the owner refusing to take it down and then deciding to make things worse for you. If the content doesn’t fit “Right to Be Forgotten” laws, then you’re out of luck, and if the content is archived, even more so.


2. Pay a service or consultant.

It’s impossible to fix an online reputation overnight, though, so make sure that you have the right company in mind for this job. At The Search Fixers, we don’t promise to fix bad search results overnight. Rather, we use white hat SEO tactics and our Public Relations connections to change the conversation revolving around your brand. With our proven methods we can guarantee we’ll fix negative search results.


3. Have a paid social media campaign.

Many people are doing this, but how effective is it, really? Paid social media campaigns are more likely to get the traffic behind the press you want to promote, improving your brand noise overall. Getting shares, likes, and favorites on an article can help boost a link’s ranking in popular search engines like Google as well.


4. Build your brand the right way while ignoring the negative results.

Because reputation is everything, The Search Fixers can help keep up with your online presence for you. However, when it comes to strategy development our reputation management consultants work with you as a team. The more positive news we can promote regarding your brand, the quicker we can get you a clean page 1.


Need to fix bad reviews online? Contact The Search Fixers.


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